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書刊名 作者 出版者 書目索書號 登錄號
Achieving excellence in medical education / Gunderman, Richard B. Springer W18 G975 2006 M0200905
Art therapy, research, and evidence based practice Gilroy, Andrea,   1949- Sage WM450.5.A8 G489 2006 M0200912
Clinical evidence :   mental health : the international source of the best available evidence for mental health care.   BMJ WM34 C641 2002 M0230252
Clinical evidence : cardiovascular disorders   BMJ Publishing Group WG120 C641 2002 M0230251
Clinical evidence. American College of Physicians--American Society of Internal Medicine. BMJ Pub. Group WB39 C641 2003 v.9 M0230250
Clinical thinking : evidence, communication and decision-making / Del Mar, Chris./Doust, Jenny./Glasziou, Paul, 1954- BMJ/Blackwell W84.7 D359 2006 M0230221
Clinical trials : a practical guide to design, analysis, and reporting / Wang, Duolao/Bakhai, Ameet Remedica W20.5 C641 2006 M0200903
Clinical trials risk management / Robinson, Martin, 1949-/Cook, Simon, 1959- CRC/Taylor & Francis QV771 R663 2006 M0200891
Comprehensive hospital medicine : an evidence based approach / Williams, Mark, 1959 Nov. 7- Saunders Elsevier WX162 C737 2007 M0230248
Contemporary drug information : an evidence-based approach / Gaebelein, Claude J/Gleason, Brenda L Lippincott Williams & Wilkins WB330 G127 2008 M0200853
Designing nursing orientation : evidence-based strategies for effective programs / Avillion, Adrianne E. HCPro WY18 A958 2006 M0200773
Designing nursing orientation : evidence-based strategies for effective programs / Avillion, Adrianne E. HCPro WY18 A958 2006 M0230128
Essential evidence-based medicine / Mayer, Dan. Cambridge University Press WB102 M468 2004 M0233551
Evidence based practice across the health professions / Hoffmann, Tammy./Bennett, Sally./Del Mar, Chris. Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier WB102 H711 2010 M0232295
Evidence-based falls prevention : a study guide for nurses / Eldridge, Carole. HCPro WX185 E39 2007 M0230119
Evidence-based manual medicine : a problem-oriented approach / Seffinger, Michael A./Hruby, Raymond J. Saunders/Elsevier WE140 S453 2007 M0230210
Evidence-based medicine in Sherlock Holmes' footsteps / Nordenstrom, Jorgen. Blackwell Pub. WB39 N832 2007 M0200266
Evidence-based medicine toolkit / Heneghan, Carl/Badenoch, Douglas BMJ Books/Blackwell Pub. WB102 H498 2006 M0230188
Evidence-based orthopaedics : the best answers to clinical questions / Wright, James G. (James Gardner), 1957- Saunders/Elsevier WE190 E93 2009 M0230923
Evidence-based pharmacotherapy : optimal patient care = best knowledge + competent practitioner / Chiquette, Elaine./Posey, L. Michael./American Pharmacists Association American Pharmacists Association QV704 C541 2007 M0230230
Evidence-based practice in nursing : a guide to successful implementation / Beyea, Suzanne C./Slattery, Mary Jo. HCPro WB102 B573 2006 M0200770
Evidence-based practice in nursing : a guide to successful implementation / Beyea, Suzanne C./Slattery, Mary Jo. HCPro WB102 B573 2006 M0230117
Evidence-based staff development : strategies to create, measure, and refine your program / Avillion, Adrianne E. HCPro WY18.5 A958-1 2007 M0230120
Manual of evidence-based admitting orders and therapeutics / McDonough, Karen./Larson, Eric B./Larson, Eric B. Saunders/Elsevier WX39 M478 2007 M0230943
Nursing research : generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice Polit, Denise F./Beck, Cheryl Tatano. Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins WY20.5 P769 2008 M0200918
Pain management : evidence, outcomes, and quality of life : a sourcebook / Wittink, Harriet./Carr, Daniel B. Elsevier WL704 P144wi 2008 M0230116
Pain management : evidence-based tools and techniques for nursing professionals / D'Arcy, Yvonne M. HCPro WY160.5 D214 2007 M0230126
Parkland manual of in-patient medicine : an evidence-based approach / Katz, Jason N/Patel, Chetan B/Aslam, M. Kamran/Parkland Memorial Hospi F.A. Davis Co. WB39 P248 2006 M0200874
Patient satisfaction and the discharge process : evidence-based best practices / Clark, Paul Alexander. HCPro, Inc. W85 C594 2006 M0230127
Pediatric high-alert medications : evidence-based safe practices for nursing professionals / Duncan, Jill./Corcoran, Jason. HCPro QV38 D911 2007 M0230122
The evidence-based practice manual for nurses / Craig, Jean V./Smyth, Rosalind L. Churchill Livingstone WB102 E93b 2007 M0200886
The pharmacist's guide to evidence-based medicine for clinical decision making / Bryant, Patrick J./Pace, Heather A./American Society of Health-System American Society of Health-System Pharmacists WB330 B915 2009 M0230259
The project director's toolkit : Hcpro's guide to collecting evidence and writing narratives for the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program / Bonificio, Barbara. HCPro WY125 P964 2007 M0230264
The rational clinical examination :   evidence-based clinical diagnosis / Simel, David L./Rennie, Drummond./Keitz, Sheri A./American Medical Ass McGraw-Hill, Medical/JAMA & Archives Journals, American Medical Associ WB200 R236 2009 c.2 M0231028
Urogynecology :evidence-based clinical practice / Moore, Kate H. Springer WJ190 M822 2006 M0200679
Users' guides to the medical literature : a manual for evidence-based clinical practice / Guyatt, Gordon New York WB39 U84 2008 c.2 M0230945
Users' guides to the medical literature : essentials of evidence-based clinical practice / Guyatt, Gordon. McGraw-Hill Medical WB102 U84 2008 M0230942
心血管預防保健:實證醫學 王復蘇 復御管理 415.26 8498 2006 M0200954
以系統性回顧輔助實證醫學:如何回顧及應用健康照護研究之發現 柯漢/李銘珠/Khan Khalid S 臺灣愛思唯爾 415 856 2010 M0233992
以實證為基礎的健康照護與公共衛生:如何制定衛生服務和公共衛生政策 葛瑞/楊瑞祺/Gray Muir 臺灣愛思唯爾 419.7 65 2011 M0300327
透析治療:臨床實證指引 尼森遜/范恩/呂嘉陞/林建宇/邱顯邦/Nissenson Allen R./Fine Richard N. 合記 414.91 577 2006 M0200977
實證法學:醫療糾紛的全國性實證研究 吳俊穎 元照 585.79 8893-2 2014 c.2 M0290855
實證醫學:臨床實務與教學指引 史卓斯/陳杰峰/王慈蜂/Straus Scharon E. 臺灣愛思唯爾 415 865 2012 M0233994
實證醫學:臨床實踐與教學指引 史卓斯/陳杰峰/王慈蜂/Straus Sharon E. 合記 415 8865 2007 M0161946
實證醫學:臨床實踐與教學指引 史卓斯/陳杰峰/王慈蜂/Straus Sharon E. 合記 415 8865 2007 M0200986
實證醫學:臨床實踐與教學指引 史卓斯/陳杰峰/王慈蜂/Straus Sharon E. 合記 415 8865 2007 M0230342
實證醫學:醫療照護決策 蓋利/郭耿南/Gary Muir 合記 415 857.3 2007 M0161960
實證醫學:醫療照護決策 蓋利/郭耿南/Gary Muir 合記 415 857.3 2007 M0200983
實證醫學功夫談 刁茂盟/郭耀仁 合記 415 8445 2014 M0309565
實證醫學的運用:臨床診療指引 賴榮年/台北市立陽明醫院實證醫學小組 合記 415.111 8367 2004 M0200984
實證護理學導論 簡莉盈/劉影梅 華杏 419.7 8666 2007 M0200987
醫護投稿實務一本通:以SCI期刊為實作範例:application of SCI journal 林星帆 華杏 811.4 8754 2016 M0309566